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Dirty Would You Rather Questions?

Does anyone have any great, dirty would you rather questions?

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Edited: 22 Apr '12, 21:41    Asked: 29 Mar '12, 11:06
Henry Henry

In the pursuit of dissecting a potential conquest, few things are as simultaneously worthless and entertaining as the "would you rather" game. And when you're coming up with would you rather questions, dirty is definitely the way to go. How else would you find out that your date would rather give a blowjob to dead Keith Moon than David Bowie? Without this game, you'd be entirely in the dark with regards to important, crucial information like this. Here are some more ideas for dirty would you rather questions, guaranteed to provide, if nothing else, a good laugh.

Would you rather do (explicit sex act) with celebrity A or celebrity B?

A classic of good would you rather games, this type of question is best used with 1. popular celebrities, so everyone knows who you're talking about, and 2. celebrities known for similar things , e.g. musicians, politicians, game show hosts, actors, local extremist dictators, etc. You can use this question to gauge a girl's tastes pretty handily, as she will pretty much always pick the person she likes better.

Plus, if she doesn't blanch at whatever perverted sexscapade you insert above (pun intended), you might be able to try your luck with that later.

Would you rather questions - dirty

Would you rather do (explicit sex act) with person in the room A or person in the room B?

Similar to the celebrity question above, this one instead pits one's internal fortitude against a more personal inquiry: given some sort of hypothetical necessity, such as a species-ending event that decimates the human population to those in this room, which one of the people here would I rather repopulate with? If a girl you're wooing answers too quickly with your best friend's name, you might want to keep an eye on the two of them, especially if his name wasn't one of the options given.

Choose wisely

Would you rather perform (humiliating sex act) on another, or have (humiliating sex act) performed on you?

Note, the two sex acts in question do not have to be the same, or even related. Put whatever weird and freaky stuff you like to get down with in the blanks above, and see if she'd be willing to do that thing you like. You know, that thing? The one with the...yeah, you know what I'm talking about.


Would you rather orgasm only once every 5 years, or once every 5 seconds?

If she says once every five years, you know you've got your work cut out for you in the bedroom - giving it up for that long means she's not all that used to it. If she says five seconds, you probably still have your work cut out for you, because, c'mon, it's just dirty would you rather questions. It's not like the game actually means anything.

Woman orgasm

Would you rather wake up next to (Fast Food Mascot) or (Media Pariah)?

This one measures what kind of embarrassment she's more comfortable with: the goofy kind or the kind that results in lawsuits and impeachments and all sorts of nasty business. Again, choose whatever comes to mind: Ronald McDonald or Donald Trump, Jack in the Box or Jerry Sandusky, The Burger King or Barry Bonds - the possibilities of dirty would you rather questions pretty much endless.

Have it your way.

Would you rather have the best sex of your life, for a week, or get 99% off (her favorite store) for one hour?

Okay, so, she's going to pick the store, at least in her head. No woman can resist the allure of her favorite crap, especially at a discount - sales are like like heroin to them. If she says the sex thing, then she's lying, but at least she cares enough to fib for your sake.

Major sale

Answered: 29 Mar '12, 11:48
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Sir RJ
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