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Does flossing too much cause gums to recede?

I read on a blog that constant flossing may cause the gums to recede. I am not sure if I can trust the word of the writer. This sounds dubious. Is it actually true that too much flossing may cause the gums to recede?

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Asked: 05 Apr '12, 18:42
Bennett Bennett

Not flossing at all is what causes gums to recede. Flossing a couple times a day before brushing rids your mouth of food particles and allows the fluoride from toothpaste to reach all the way between teeth, essential to proper dental care. But flossing too much or too strenuously can cause cuts and gum damage.

You should gently pass the dental floss between your teeth without pressing down too hard. If you see blood, you need to lay off the flossing for a few days.

Answered: 05 Apr '12, 18:59
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dvjones82 dvjones82

From what I've read, there's actually little benefit to be had by flossing more than once a day, since bacteria colonies take around 24 hours to completely form, so it's enough to get in there and mess them up about once a day. But yes, to answer the question, the answer is definitely no... It's that very bacteria that causes damage to the bone and gum tissue around the teeth that the result in gums receding.

Answered: 10 Apr '12, 04:11
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Zak Gottlieb Zak Gottlieb ♦♦
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