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Do estrogen blockers for men really work? Are they safe?

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Edited: 06 Apr '12, 02:32    Asked: 06 Apr '12, 01:48
Jared Jared

Estrogen blockers for men do actually work in helping unleash some of the muscle definition that's buried on your body. Estrogen has a direct correlation to fat storage, particular fatty tissue that is just below the skin so taking a men's estrogen blocker will lower estrogen, thus improving muscle definition. About 1/5 of the testosterone floating in the blood is converted into estrogen so therefore if you block estrogen, your body will have more testosterone, which will maximize your size and strength.

As to whether estrogen blockers for men are safe, the answer is yes in portions. Men need some estrogen in their system, therefore you shouldn't take the estrogen blockers year-round. It's best to go on a cycle, much like you'd do with other supplements.

Answered: 11 Apr '12, 09:32
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