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How to prevent chafing between my legs while running?

Recently this has gotten really bad, to the point where I have to cut my runs short. What can I do about this?

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Edited: 07 Apr '12, 15:31    Asked: 06 Apr '12, 07:45
Ryan Ryan

I've always jacked on people who wear biker shorts but that was before I experienced chafing while running that turned my thighs practically into hamburger. there wasn't enough gold bond in the world that could've fixed the chafing I had.

If you wear a really tight pair of biker (spandex) shorts they'll prevent thigh on thigh contact. your junk won't be very comfortable but it will help with the chafing while running epidemic. Also, I wear a pair of mesh shorts overtop the spandex shorts to leave a little something to the imagination.

Answered: 07 Apr '12, 10:08
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Cliff_Claven1 Cliff_Claven1

Anyone that has done any running knows how painful chafing can be. When it gets really bad, it can make something as simple as walking turn into burning agony. Chafing can be prevented by wearing clothes that fit well and provide a layer of protection between your thighs. Skin scraping against skin repeatedly is what causes chafing in the first place.

If chafing does begin, baby powder can sooth some of the pain and make walking easier. When it get horribly bad, then purchase a bottle of diaper rash cream, usually used for babies. This provides instant relief. It may sound silly, but anyone that has experienced chafing knows how terrible it can be, and suddenly diaper rash cream seems reasonable.

Edited: 07 Apr '12, 15:24    Answered: 07 Apr '12, 05:56
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bono22 bono22

To prevent chafing between your legs while running, I would strongly suggest purchasing a pair of these:

It's exactly what they're designed for.

Answered: 07 Apr '12, 15:31
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Zak Gottlieb Zak Gottlieb ♦♦

Chafing between the thigh's no one wants to talk about, but everyone experience's it. Athletes, maternity, plus size, all sizes. Truth is Anti-chafing body wrap's, is the only solution that is not a cream or roll on. I love them. I cut them into circle's for my ankles so I don't get blisters from my heel's. Some shoes I have put the wraps directly on the shoes. I wear one between my thigh's and it work's all day and night. No more chafing. No sucking in Spanx and no more bulky shorts under my skirts. They are on sale for the summer. You get 3 in a tube, but as I said I cut mine so I get at lease 6 uses. If you blog or create a Youtube video review for ThighGlide, you get 20% off your purchase for the entire year. Wear it where it hurt's.

Answered: 11 Apr '12, 18:36
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rainblusky rainblusky
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