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Should I invite my boss out for a drink?

Will everyone else at work see me as a brownnoser if I ask the boss out for a drink? Will he? Is hanging out with the boss a good way to advance my career and maybe make a good friend, or is it just a bad idea?

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Asked: 14 Apr '12, 18:42
Jamesanders Jamesanders

It might be a better idea to wait and see if your boss asks you out for a drink. At least then you can accept without worrying about what he or your colleagues might think.

What would you do if you asked him and he declined? Bit embarrassing I should have thought! You'd then have to face (and work for) your boss knowing that you'd misjudged the situation - not to mention having to deal with your colleagues taking the mickey. They would definitely think you were a creep if they were to find out you'd asked him out for a drink and been turned down.

At least if your boss asked you out for a drink, you could hold your head high and argue to your colleagues that to decline his offer would have been committing career suicide.

Befriending the boss (or trying to) is never a good career move - in the long term, there's a much higher likelihood it will end in tears (or you becoming unemployed.) What happens if you disagree or fall out about something? He's your boss, so it won't be him looking for work elsewhere.

Answered: 16 Apr '12, 13:59
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