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Rules for women in your man cave?

What do you guys think? Should a man cave be a no-girls-allowed zone when the guys are over, or should they be allowed in on certain conditions? I'm not sexist, but a man cave is what it is for a reason!

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Asked: 15 Apr '12, 15:07
ThisIsMadness ThisIsMadness

Ha ha, if you're going to establish rules for women in your man cave the minimum is no bra's allowed. The next best is a topless option, or perhaps you should even provide your own uniforms they must put on before entering to watch the big game with the guys.

Your imagination is the only limit with the uniforms, thing thong sets, LOL. If she's more modest a bikini can be the backup; have plenty of different top sizes.

Answered: 29 Apr '12, 12:02
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18113 Pro
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