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I have not had sex that often. How do I make myself appear more experienced than I am?

My former girlfriends were not that into sex, so I don't have a ton of experience. I am trying to find a girl that is the exact opposite of frigid. How do I make myself appear more experienced than I am?

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Asked: 16 Apr '12, 09:54
trentrivers trentrivers

Wow, that's a tough one. If you have not had sex that often you have two options, keep practicing or read a lot, then keep practicing. I'm not sure that pretending to appear more experienced than you are is the best idea, because if she's the opposite of frigid then she's hot and ready for action.

If you're not ready for action she'll be a bit put off. Hmmm... How about if you find a girl with a reputation of being hot, and tempt her into giving you lessons? She might enjoy the challenge.

Answered: 21 Apr '12, 22:38
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