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Are kids more or less likely to take the same job their father had?

I don't think either of my kids would ever go into my field, and I get the feeling that even if they were interested in that type of work they'd avoid it anyway just because it's what I do. Are there any statistics that show whether or not modern kids tend to follow in their fathers' footsteps?

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Asked: 16 Apr '12, 19:55
fortytwo fortytwo

These days the world moves so fast and changes so quickly that by the time you have enough data for the stats, the situation is changed. Kids are less likely to take the same job their father had now because kids have changed.

In the old day a menial trade like baker or butcher was taught and handed down for generations but not any more. There are cases now where a boy wants to grow up to be a framing carpenter like his dad, but dad's tool belt is in the pawn shop because illegal immigrants have taken over the construction industry.

Welcome to the "new" America.

Answered: 29 Apr '12, 09:56
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