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What should I do about my Facebook page to make it employer friendly when I’m looking for a job?

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Edited: 28 Apr '12, 11:21    Asked: 16 Apr '12, 20:17
31101113 Pro

It's a good thing that you're thinking about that now before it becomes an issue because you're looking for a job. Start by going back through your Facebook page content and remove any posts of yours that indicate excessive drinking & partying, things like that.

Pay close attention to the pictures that you may have there as well. Having your Facebook page more employer friendly may not make you more popular but it will help you in the long run.

Answered: 28 Apr '12, 11:20
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18113 Pro

Also look for anything that you responded to that may be of questionable nature, especially if it is in a controversial page or a Facebook page of a media site (i.e. Huffington post, NYT, etc). You can do this by googling your name and it may come up on the second or third page. If you ever responded to something and your potential employer has the complete opposite opinion, you don't want that biting you in the ass.

Answered: 28 Apr '12, 18:26
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boredgamer boredgamer
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