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How many girls does the average man sleep with in this lifetime?

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Asked: 16 Apr '12, 20:46
31202022 Pro

The trouble with this question, is obtaining the truth (because let's face it, some men - myself included, do have the tendency to be a little 'economical with the truth,' when it comes to this question.)

So when I'm asked, my answer does kind of depend on whose asking the question and what answer I think they want to hear.

But all is not lost. Quite incredibly, surveys have been carried out and rather surprisingly, according to the statistics; the average man has had between seven and nine sexual partners (and less surprisingly, a quarter of the men who took part in the survey admitted to exaggerating this figure when previously asked.)

Additionally, a third of those questioned admitted that they were only estimating the figure (which would seem to suggest that they couldn't even remember all of their conquests.)

So all in all, this is not an easy question to answer definitively.

Answered: 19 Apr '12, 08:20
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711 Pro
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