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Is it a very bad idea to reuse a condom?

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Edited: 17 Apr '12, 23:45    Asked: 16 Apr '12, 20:49
31202022 Pro

Yes, it is a very bad idea to reuse a condom. They are made for one use only and carry the warning to only use them once for a reason and you risk pregnancy (and/or STD’s if you ignore this advice.)

Condoms are easily damaged by friction and they can develop tiny tears that are invisible to the naked eye (but would allow fluid and sperm to escape.)

Additionally, if a condom is not stored properly (i.e. in its sealed lubricated packet), it could dry out and crack, making it unsafe for use.

Answered: 19 Apr '12, 10:34
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DavetheRave DavetheRave
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