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I want to take up golf. Where should I start?

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Edited: 17 Apr '12, 22:56    Asked: 16 Apr '12, 21:58
Jack82Princeton Jack82Princeton

Probably the way I did, I took up golf at the city golf course. For one thing everything is cheaper, and many of the others are beginners too; that takes some stress off.

Start by breaking it up into 4 parts, putting is first. Spend hours on the putting green. After your concentration is focused by putting, start at the driving range at the park.

Buy special Whiffle balls made for learning driving. They hook, and slice like regular ball, but don't go very far. Third is working out in the practice sand trap with your wedge. Plan on spending a lot of time in traps, so learn how to get out of them.

Spend the rest of your time working out with your pitching wedge. Learn how to scoop the ball & lift it, and put it near you want it.

Did I remember to tell you not to play a single hole until you feel good about all of this? I didn't. But when I started playing, I was playing bogey golf, no BS.

Answered: 18 Apr '12, 21:06
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